Over 30 years of keeping families together

As a prominent fixture in the Latino community,

The Law Office of Alma Rosa Nieto

has fostered immigrant rights since it was founded in 1984. Every member of our firm
is a talented and integral part of our mission to provide our clients with integrity, honesty
and the highest standard of quality legal services at the most cost-efficient level.
As part of our ongoing dedication to the furtherance and education of the immigrant
community, founder Alma Rosa Nieto makes it a point to have numerous appearances
on television, print and radio in order to keep immigrants informed of the ever-changing
field of immigration.

The Law Office of Alma Rosa Nieto is composed of various nationalities and experiences,
resulting in a workplace adept at providing the most professional and compassionate
service for our diverse clientele.

Above all, we consider our client satisfaction to be the most accurate indicator
of our success, but we also appreciate the external recognition our firm has garnered.

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